Monday, August 27, 2007

so is this how I make a link?

Here's my shot:

The website is

I want the word/link to simply say 2Peas

Here we go: [url=]2Peas[/url]

so why aren't they showing up?

Anyone? Wait, I don't think anyone actually reads this! Ugh! My last few posts aren't showing up...what's up with that?

brandon & olivia, august 2007

I made this as a 4x6 photo to bring to work. I used a free kit from
  • 2Peas
  • called "Mary Mary Quite Contrary" by Sande Krieger.

    august 2007

    My super-cool desktop for the month of August. I got the template at
  • shabby miss jenn designs
  • .

    two and a half?

    How can that be? My sweet little boy is growing up right before my eyes. I know they say time flies, but does it have to take the concorde? What's wrong with, say, a glider or something?

    Anyhow, this is Brandon, sitting on my lap, saying "Take me". So I did. Could he be any goofier?

    toilet paper, anyone?

    We were all out in the family room...except Olivia, obviously. When down the hallway came a ball of white, toilet paper that is. It had seemed too quiet, and we all know what that means!

    Tuesday, August 21, 2007

    catchin' up

    It's been a while since I've posted anything, and since I want to switch over to blogger only (so I don't have to send monthly photo emails anymore), I better get cracken'!

    Every morning Brandon invites "Sissy" into his crib so they can play together. It is so cute, and it gives me at least 10 minutes of "free" time to put stuff away!

    I got Brandon this cute bug hat at Joann's for 89 cents! Silly me only bought one (since he wore it around the store)...whoops! Fortunately they had one left a couple weeks later when I made it back there for another one. Now both of them can wear them all the time!

    Considering I grew up in Northern California, and I *love* wine...this is the first time I've been to Napa, and it was only because we had a wedding to go to! My parents had the kids overnight so we didn't have to drive home after a fun wedding. So we took advantage of it & went to a couple of wineries...we couldn't come home without a thank you gift, right?

    Okay, this isn't really the best picture of a trip to the water park in Rocklin with our playgroup, but it is cute! And Olivia is wearing a bikini...although it sure looks like she's in her birthday suit :)

    Now doesn't Olivia look ready to hit the town! Hey, she's got her bling shades, hairbow, binky, & her very own purple water bottle!

    This is Olivia's "smile" of the month. We've got more than a few shots of her with this look...not sure if she thinks she's smiling or what. But it's cute!

    "Mommy, take me." Brandon-speak for "Mommy, take my picture." And he's cute too!

    I heard this weird noise in my room, and found Brandon trying to get the portacrib out of there into the hallway. He settled for leaving it in our room so he & Olivia could play. Whatever floats your boat.

    And finally, our last trip to Folsom Lake for the season. The sign when we got there said "Launch at your own risk. No refunds." The water was so low that we had to park in the dirt (well below the "regular" launch ramp) & launch from the normally under water one. We had no problem launching, and there was enough water to drive around. And we had a great sandy beach to picnic on.

    The problem came when we were driving back to the launch ramp where David was waiting with my dad's pick-up. All of a sudden we heard this awful noise & we didn't move; we had hit a rock in the water! Great. We did get free & were able to get the boat back to the trailer, but....Let's just say it's a good thing that it's the end of the summer! The prop is totally chewed up! The good news: David wasn't driving & it's not our boat. Sorry Dad!