Friday, March 17, 2006

Tiki Time

I took these photos of Brandon on Memorial Day, & I *finally* finished a LO with them! I had serious scrapper's block, & can't even begin to tell you how much paper I bought & didn't use. But I'm done! And I only have two more LOs (Thanksgiving & Brandon's birthday) until I'm caught up in our family album. Yay for me!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Another step closer...

to finishing Brandon's first year album! One page down, four to go :)

Friday, March 10, 2006

The Friday Four Challenge

From the GS board at Two Peas:

The Friday Four Challenge.
Four Questions.

1. List the people from your past who you would like to reconnect with through Email.( if only you could find them...)
-Liz Smith--one of my dearest friends in high school that I flaked on the last chance I had to reconnect.
-Alex Davis--college boyfriend, I'd just like to know how he's doing
-Dina Maroudas--another dear friend from high school

2. List the companies you wish you owned.
Hmmm, never thought about this before, I guess Pampers so I could have free diapers, Fisher-Price so I could make some really cool toys for my son, and Nordstroms!

3. List the things you do to defy aging.
-Sunscreen on my face, every day for over 15 years (scary to think what I'd look like without this!)
-say I'm only 28 (when I'm almost 30)

4. List what you do to snap out of a bad mood.
-Play with my son
-Pea :)

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Brandon in a box

So he got a box of Legos for his birthday, which he loves. But, being a boy, he loves the box they go in even more. Monday night he & David were playing on the floor, and David got distracted by the TV. Looked up & called me in & told be to grab the camera & HURRY! There was my little boy sitting in his Lego box, clapping his hands.

Then this morning he was out in the family room playing, so I decided to take advantage of this & go put some stuff away in his room. I was back there for at least 5 minutes before I thought it was weird that he hadn't followed me back there. After another few minutes I thought it was even more strange that it was so quiet, but since Brandon usually squeals when he's getting into something, I wasn't too concerned. Besides, I had gotten everything done. So I go out to see what' he's up to & find him SOUND ASLEEP curled up on his Lambie in the Lego :) So what do I do? Take a picture of course! Fortunately, that didn't wake him up, nor did me trying to ge him out of the box & into his crib.

Friday, March 03, 2006


Planning for a birthday party is a LOT of work! I got home at's now 9:45 & I'm just now sitting down (oh my aching back!) and although I'm blogging, I'm really supposed to be addressing a Thank you card (done!) & making a gift list for tomorrow. Thank goodness my parents had to stop by to bring icing tips for me; it meant I had 2 extra bodies to help out. Very needed when I dumped my last 1/2 cup of oil on the counter. Yes, the 1/2 cup I needed for the cupcakes. Thank you daddy! I can't wait until the party though! I'll be sharing my photos sometime tomorrow or Sunday :)

My baby boy

One year ago today (March 3), Brandon came home. And so it's fitting that I FINALLY finished my layout of him from the hospital.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

November layout

Well, I finally finished my November LO for Brandon's album. Hard to believe I'm almost done with it! It's taken me awhile to do November's because I couldn't find the paper that I wanted to use. Now I only have January, February, 1st Christmas, 1st birthday, and a year-end wrap up & I'll be done. Hopefully I'm caught up by the time this new baby arrives. I just have to order my January paper & figure out the other biggie ;)