Thursday, April 20, 2006

Just 12 hours away

From having my baby girl! I can't believe that I'm having a baby in such a short hasn't quite kicked in yet I guess. With Brandon I was a nervous wreck the night before & I couldn't even sleep. This time...well, I don't know if I'll be able to sleep (although I'm quite tired!), but that's because I feel like I still have a million things to get done. Oh well! At least my parents are 20 minutes away this time (instead of 2 1/2 hours), so I know they'll be able to help out.

But it's those little, did I pack underwear? Who's feeding the dog tomorrow? Will I remember the camera & memory cards? I have lists everywhere!

And as excited as I am, I'm kind of sad. Our wonderful family of three is about to become four. And Brandon won't be my baby. I mean, he'll always be my baby, but I hope he doesn't seem too "big" once I hold a newborn. We're planning on taking pictures of the 3 of us at my parents' house tomorrow morning when we drop him off. David's not too thrilled that we've got a bunch (in his eyes) to do tomorrow before heading to the hospital. But since I can't even have a sip of water after I finish this glass sitting here, I want to do something in the morning to keep my mind off of not eating.

Well, gotta go & get some of my list done!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Things I want to remember

At 13 months:
· Still not walking, but wants to! Got his first pair of shoes & started showing A LOT more interest in holding our hands & walking around the house.
· Loves to talk on the phone! Makes mommy call Grandma or Daddy almost every day so he can “talk” to them! And the game keeps going; some mornings he keeps passing the phone back for more “phone calls”.
· Thinks the phone is such a fun toy. At Grandma’s he even erased 2 phone numbers! He just loves to push the buttons to hear it beep.
· “Talks” on the “phone” every chance he gets. The “phone” is usually some kind of hard plastic toy (his toy phone, the remote, a lego block), but has been as simple as a string or his binky. Even just his hand. He started by holding it up to his ear like we do & saying “uh-huh” over & over (turns out I say this a LOT on the phone myself!). Then he graduated to saying “hello” (oh-oh) with lots of “uh-huh’s. And now he starts with “hello” & then says “uh-huh” with lots of other babble. Sounds like a real phone conversation! I also noticed him really watching all of us on the phone, like studying what we say so he knows how to do it. Too cute!
· Words: “dah-ah” for Toby (doggy)
“bah-ah” for Bailey
“wou-wou-wou” to bark (does with the dogs or when you ask him to bark)
“buh-buh” for Big Bird
“ah” with arms up for “up”
“mum-mum” for mommy
has a word for binky
· Knows: lambie, doggy, T’oby, Bailey, bottle, binky, juice, milk, shake (will shake his arm), yay & clap (will clap), dance, bye-bye (waves), family names, “I don’t know” (shrugs his shoulders)
· Loves to dance! When music is on the tv he will start to shake his whole body & dance! Sometimes he claps along too.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Baby announcements

The next item on my list is to get Olivia's birth announcements as done as possible. That way David can print them for me while I'm in the hospital, and I can get them put together without the chaos of a toddler & newborn at home!

This is what I made for Brandon last year. I've got the same patterned paper for Olivia (in pink of course!), and some matching cardstock. I bought a different album that I'm making for her, but I should have enough to spare for the announcements. I need to check so I can get back to the store just in case!


Well, not exactly, but I've finished as much as I can in Olivia's album before she arrives. One more check on my to-do list for the week. I have until Thurs night/Fri morning to get everything done. So the fact that I've finished her Family Tree layout is a good thing!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

My big ole belly...

Otherwise known as my little girl :)

This layout here is pure plagiarism of BH's layout in the April CK magazine. But it's not like I'm publishing it or anything. I just needed some inspiration! This is the first LO I've finished for Olivia's album.

This one here is for our family album. Almost identical to the one I did for Brandon just over a year ago, that I copied from Donna Downey. I wanted something different, but at the same time I really like how she incorporated her silhouette & her u/s.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


I did it! Two layouts in one night! Yee-hah! Only one more to go to finish Brandon's album.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Brandon's 12th month

Well I just finished this layout, only 2 more until Brandon's album is finished. I'm going to try to get his b-day LO taken care of tonight, but I haven't printed all of the first year pics yet. I'm doing the final LO in his album with one picture from each week of his first year. I've sized them, just need to set them up to print! Still a big task!