Friday, March 10, 2006

The Friday Four Challenge

From the GS board at Two Peas:

The Friday Four Challenge.
Four Questions.

1. List the people from your past who you would like to reconnect with through Email.( if only you could find them...)
-Liz Smith--one of my dearest friends in high school that I flaked on the last chance I had to reconnect.
-Alex Davis--college boyfriend, I'd just like to know how he's doing
-Dina Maroudas--another dear friend from high school

2. List the companies you wish you owned.
Hmmm, never thought about this before, I guess Pampers so I could have free diapers, Fisher-Price so I could make some really cool toys for my son, and Nordstroms!

3. List the things you do to defy aging.
-Sunscreen on my face, every day for over 15 years (scary to think what I'd look like without this!)
-say I'm only 28 (when I'm almost 30)

4. List what you do to snap out of a bad mood.
-Play with my son
-Pea :)

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BonnieRose said...

I PEA too.. loved your answers!