Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Things I want to remember

At 13 months:
· Still not walking, but wants to! Got his first pair of shoes & started showing A LOT more interest in holding our hands & walking around the house.
· Loves to talk on the phone! Makes mommy call Grandma or Daddy almost every day so he can “talk” to them! And the game keeps going; some mornings he keeps passing the phone back for more “phone calls”.
· Thinks the phone is such a fun toy. At Grandma’s he even erased 2 phone numbers! He just loves to push the buttons to hear it beep.
· “Talks” on the “phone” every chance he gets. The “phone” is usually some kind of hard plastic toy (his toy phone, the remote, a lego block), but has been as simple as a string or his binky. Even just his hand. He started by holding it up to his ear like we do & saying “uh-huh” over & over (turns out I say this a LOT on the phone myself!). Then he graduated to saying “hello” (oh-oh) with lots of “uh-huh’s. And now he starts with “hello” & then says “uh-huh” with lots of other babble. Sounds like a real phone conversation! I also noticed him really watching all of us on the phone, like studying what we say so he knows how to do it. Too cute!
· Words: “dah-ah” for Toby (doggy)
“bah-ah” for Bailey
“wou-wou-wou” to bark (does with the dogs or when you ask him to bark)
“buh-buh” for Big Bird
“ah” with arms up for “up”
“mum-mum” for mommy
has a word for binky
· Knows: lambie, doggy, T’oby, Bailey, bottle, binky, juice, milk, shake (will shake his arm), yay & clap (will clap), dance, bye-bye (waves), family names, “I don’t know” (shrugs his shoulders)
· Loves to dance! When music is on the tv he will start to shake his whole body & dance! Sometimes he claps along too.

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