Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Last night I was on Gymbohaven's chit chat forum & someone had a 20% off code up for grabs & I got it! Yay! I re-ordered everything I got last week (and added a little more in!) & got $75 Gymbucks for not too much more than I spent last week :) Now I just have to return everything I got (not looking forward to that!). Between my 20% off score & the haul I got at Baby Gap outlet for Brandon...we are set! Yee-hah!

What I got last night:

to go with the striped hoodie & tee

At first I wasn't sure if I really liked this line, but I *love* this purple outfit! So different for Livi :)

For Brandon

to be worn together like this

Minus these particular pants (got him some cute cargo ones at the baby gap outlet) & the backpack. I thought he'd look adorable in these for his 18 month portraits that I need to get done soon.

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