Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happy Fourth of July!

What a week so far! And it's only the 5th...

On Monday night we all headed out to a River Cats game in West Sac. Fortunately we took two cars since there were 7 of us & it would've been a tight squeeze. Olivia lasted until the TOP of the 1st inning until she barfed all over the place, including all over me! Eww! Although I had pj's for her in the car I could change her into, I did not have an entire change for myself. Oh well. Everyone else had a great time, and Brandon got to meet Dinger (the mascot). David even got a video of it, but I don't have it on the computer.

Tuesday I worked, and fortunately Olivia didn't get sick again. So we thought everything was A-OK.

Wednesday was the 4th, and we had no real plans. And considering it was 105, I'm glad! We were going to picnic lunch at the water park in Rocklin, but darn...the kids' naps interfered! So we bbq'd chicken at my parents & set some fireworks off. Brandon thought it was great, Olivia wasn't too sure. That's okay. So we took off since it was bedtime for the kiddos & we didn't want to have too many drunks on the road with us. Just as we were about a mile & a half from home (and thankfully NOT in the rodeo traffic!), Olivia barfed again. Big time. Thank God she had her blankie from my mom...or it would've been ALL over in the car! Eww! I was the lucky one to remove her from the car when we got I didn't throw up is beyond me. David got it all cleaned up while I showered down Olivia (who was covered...poor thing!).

Then this morning I thought we'd take it easy. I had no idea what caused Livi to get sick, and it was 90 by 8:45. And then I saw Brandon's butt. I'll spare you the details of what really happened, but needless to say I think both kids got some bug. And they both got a bath this morning.

David takes off tomorrow for a weekend of four-wheeling. So hopefully everyone is okay.

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