Monday, July 23, 2007

palm springs

First let me point out that I was not too excited about going to Palm Springs in the middle of July. Yes, we were going to stay in a nice hotel with a nice pool. Yes we were going to visit with David's parents. Yes it was going to be over 100 there (and here too most likely). was going to take 10 hours in the car!

But it really wasn't too bad...actually it was quite nice & I wish I could've stayed a bit longer. I'm now actually looking forward to going again...although preferably when it's greener & cooler (and, unfortunately, more expensive!).

Our hotel was great; we had a suite so we could put the kids to bed & still hang out. And we were right off of the pool, so on Weds night we put Olivia down, opened up the doors, and went into the pool. Awesome!

We got to visit with David's dad & step mom (Ted & Nancy), his Uncle Lenny, cousin Cassie out from Ohio, & his cousin Lori & her girls (sorry, no pictures!). We also got to see Ted & Nancy's new house in Indio.

Unfortunately it was a bit too hot for me to be out & about with Olivia, because the shopping there looks phenomenol! I can't wait to go back.

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