Tuesday, June 05, 2007

[got margaritas?]

Yummy! Gotta get me some of those stamps!

That's what I said when I first saw this combo of stamps.

So I headed on over to Stephanie Nishikawa's Paper Garden at Town & Country. She's such a doll! I love--wait, no *LOVE*--her shop! Full of fun stamps & punches & embellishments...it's a stamper's dream come true! Send me in there with a blank check, and well, I'd be able to open up my own shop.

Anyhow...My first visit was a couple of weeks ago when I got the cool flip flop stamp with matching flower & "happy summer". I also got the [got margaritas?] stamp because it's so "me". And so I decided that with all the crap going on right now that I needed a margarita (well, I real one would've been better, but a stamp is safer, no?). I also got some cool liquid shimmery stuff (don't know the name) to make the glasses look real & shiny. And I treated myself to the giga scallop circle. Unfortunately I couldn't use it on these cards, but that's okay.

So this evening I sat down to play & realized I still had Olivia's birthday scrapbook page to finish (couldn't scan it b/c it's too bulky with all her cards in it, and it's almost identical to the one for our album that I already posted). So I did that (yay!), and realized that I had some pretty cool paper left over that was meant to go on a margarita card. So I made 5! Then I made one more when I was playing around waiting for the stickles & liquid shimmers to dry. Six cards in one evening...I'm good!

Now I just need to decide who I'm going to share them with! If I had the addresses for everyone in our new stampers club I could do that. But I'm not hosting the next party. Hmmmm...I may send them out as reminders when I host in Sept. If I can wait that long!

Until then...got margaritas?

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Lori said...

Love your margarita cards!