Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Deal

Well, I went to Gymboree today & did my return (top & socks). They didn't have long sleeve body suits for Olivia because we're a "hot" store. Oh well. Guess they won't get my money...time to order online.

Though it was nice to be able to see the clothes up close & personal, you know? Did change my mind a bit. And I talked to my mom on the way over to the mall & she wants to get Brandon his yellow fleece jacket again. Yay! And even if she doesn't, I still have a $30 credit that I can't use online. And I think I'm going to return something else too (maybe) for another $17-18.

Anyhow, I got this jumper & onesie from the new Pretty in Plums line

And I still got the long sleeved ivory onesie. Mostly for her Cherry Pie jumper once it gets colder.

Then, I was good. I got only stuff on a good sale for next summer. So I paid $5 shipping, $4 tax, and $61 total for the above items (which cost that much on their own) and the following from the Island Fun line:

Liv's gonna be stylin' next summer! And I'll get to order some bows for this as well. But I'll wait on that since I'm sure her hair will be a lot longer next summer. Hopefully long enough for pig-tails!

Happy shopping!


Something's Missing said...

I love Gymboree...My DD is getting too big for it.

I wish they made it in MY size...

Jill said...

I'll bet she looks too cute in those! :-)