Sunday, July 16, 2006


I'm so annoyed! I bought Olivia too many cute outfits at Gymboree a couple weeks ago, including the cute cherry jumper outfit I posted. I earned 2 gymbucks, but had decided to return the tee shirt & skirt (total of $46), knowing I would lose one gymbuck. So I put the clothes & receipt back in the bag. I put the Gymboree bag in a PBK bag because I did. And then I put it all in the car. No big deal, I would return it as soon as I could.

David saw the bag in the car last Sunday & made a comment about it, to which I replied it was just returns. On Monday we went to Tahoe, so he took the bag out to make room for everything. The trash went out on Monday night & was picked up on Tuesday. I'm sure you know where I'm going here....

The bag is missing!!!

I have looked high & low for it, and I can only assume that David set the bag in the garage, & then stupidly grabbed it when he took the garbage out! Ugh! And if it's not frustrating enough to have lost the clothes that were to be returned, I had 2 gymbucks in there! And I never put receipts in the bag. The only reason this one was in there was that I had already taken the receipt out of my wallet so I threw it in the bag so I would have it with me (instead of having it in our bill holder).

At least I didn't really need the gymbucks, although I would've used them. But there went $46 down the drain...

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Jill said...

:-( Awww! I hate it when that stuff happens. :-(