Monday, July 24, 2006

Under the Sea

Well, I still need to paint, but here are some pics of the kids bathroom. I know David wasn't too thrilled with me changing the bathroom, and I did love the tropical/palm tree theme we had going, but it's now a kids' bathroom & I thought it should look that way, you know?

It started out innocently enough; we needed "stickies" for the tub so Brandon wouldn't slip. I originally picked up the palm tree ones from PBK. Well...after I got Brandon the sea critters sheets I knew I had to get him the cute stickies. So I went with my mom to exchange the stickies. But the collection was big time on sale, so...

All I have to do now is paint the bathroom, remove the palm tree pics from the wall, & put up the new decos. I got the wallies from this collection at PBK & I'm going to put them on wood plaques painted white & then lacquer them.

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