Sunday, July 09, 2006

Shameless Gymboree Post

Okay, I've been addicted to Gymboree ever since Brandon got this cute surfer outfit a year ago. I only let myself look on the boys' side, and was perfectly content to do so, until I found out last Dec that I was having a little girl. I even told my husband not to worry because I wouldn't be spending any more on my daughter than my son...ha! I wish!

Well, the new lines are out! I'm so in love with this outfit! I got Olivia the jumper, onesie, tights, and socks (ivory with cherries). I didn't get her the adorable mary janes, since well, they're rather stiff for a crib shoe. I earned 2 gymbucks on my own, plus I've got one from Kathy. Yee-hah! I can get more stuff with the new lines at the end of the month...hopefully I won't have to neglect Brandon!

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